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Until recently, we have held frequent clinics for spaying/neutering and vaccinations against rabies.

Sadly, due to the cost of living crisis, funds have just not been available for this outreach project.

There isn’t a simple solution to fix the problem of suffering strays in Sri Lanka. It needs a multi-solution approach and one significant solution is to reduce the constant overpopulation. This is only possible by spay/neuter clinics.

Sri Lanka is a Third World country with a large percentage of the population living in poverty. This means the majority of owned dogs do not receive rabies vaccinations and are not neutered.

These dogs are usually freely roaming dogs that mix with the street/community dogs. As a result, the animals breed and pups are either born on the streets or abandoned by the owners as they cannot afford to keep them.

There are very few animal shelters in comparison to the number of unwanted pups/kittens. Every animal shelter is constantly full and overstretched.

Therefore, it is vital for outreach clinics to neuter not only the street dogs but owned dogs too.

On the whole, Sri Lanka is not an animal loving nation. People are generally afraid of catching diseases like rabies. The only way to change this mindset and fear is to try and eliminate rabies from Sri Lanka.

Additionally, the older generations believe neutering to be dog genocide. It is imperative to educate and convince the Sri Lankan people that neutering is the way forward.

It only costs between £10 and £15 to neuter a cat or dog in Sri Lanka.

With enough support, we can re-open these vital clinics.

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Mahatma Gandhi quote - The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated
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