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It all started with Gypsy

Gypsy is the beautiful girl I was unable to bring back with me from Sri Lanka.

I promised her I would do everything I could to help her and all the other desperate cats and dogs of Sri Lanka.

Welcome to Saving Sri Lanka Strays

The Cats and Dogs of Sri Lanka Need Our Help

There are literally millions of cats and dogs in Sri Lanka desperate for our help.

Their biggest problems are lack of food & water, poor health and having no safe place to live.

Whilst the long term solution we are working towards is mass neutering, we strive to help as many of these beautiful animals as we can.

Saving Sri Lanka Strays Helps Provide Better Lives

The cats and dogs of Sri Lanka are as beautiful as ours.

We are helping to preserve unconditional Love where it’s truly needed.

We won’t show you the bad stuff on this website, so here are a couple of short videos that show some of our rescues enjoying their new lives.

Sudda Sharing the Love

This is Sudda, gently reminding Digby who’s in charge!

Pandi Poddi Loving Life

Three legs are as good as four for Pandi Poddi!

About Us

Saving Sri Lanka Strays has been helping animals since 2013

Saving Sri Lanka Strays (formerly “Help Hikkaduwa Strays”) is the charity that provides care for the stray cats and dogs of Sri Lanka.

In 2013, I went to Sri Lanka for a holiday, but the plight of their strays animals broke my heart and immediately changed the course of my life.

Every day, I went around feeding and caring for as many strays as I could.

One day, I found a starving puppy. She was dragging a broken leg and suffering with mange. I named her Gypsy.

Very sadly, I was unable to bring Gypsy back home with me to the UK, but I made a promise to her that I would do everything I could to help all the stray cats and dogs in Sri Lanka.

– Rachel Schofield, founder of Saving Sri Lanka Strays


Hello, I’m Rachel and I have dedicated my life to the stray animals of Sri Lanka.

What we do

We provide care for the stray cats and dogs in Sri Lanka

Animal Shelters

Many of our dogs are boarded at shelters where we fund all costs for a safe, loving environment.

Daily Feeding Rounds

Our dedicated volunteers go around providing food and water to the animals in need.

Vaccinations & Vets Costs

We pay for the various treatments that the stray cats and dogs often require.

Neutering & Spaying

We are currently raising funds to resume our mass spay clinics across Sri Lanka.

Who we've helped

Meet these Beautiful Souls

They’ve been through some tough times, but here are a few of the cats and dogs that are now safely in our care.



As a pup, Britney was hit by a vehicle (unfortunately, very common in Sri Lanka) and suffered a fractured diaphragm. Luckily, she made a full recovery and is now in our life long care.



This happy soul used to live on one of our feeding rounds. Sadly, she was run over and was left with a broken spine. We funded all her X-rays, her veterinary treatment and now her boarding at a private shelter where she continues to shine. 🙂



Ginger was rescued off the street years ago. After about 12 months he became unwell and was unable to pass urine. He has a build of crystals in his urine and requires a permanent special diet.



Sudda was one of four pups dumped on a very busy road. The two survivors both ended up being named Sudda and were placed in lifelong foster homes that we help fund.

Animal Shelters & Foster Homes

We need to raise £12,000 to fund the animal shelters and foster homes in 2024.

Food for Feeding Rounds

We need to raise £4,000 to buy the food for our feeding rounds this year.

Vaccinations & Vets Costs

We pay for the various treatments that the stray cats and dogs often need.

Neutering & Spaying Costs

We are also raising funds to resume our mass spay clinics in Sri Lanka.

Saving Sri Lanka Strays relies entirely on kind donations from animal lovers like you.

To date, we have helped over 10,000 desperate animals.

Heartbreakingly, we are currently having to turn down animals from receiving care, simply due to lack of funds.

We can’t do this without support from other animal lovers.

Please give them whatever you can.

News & Updates

Cocker spaniels on Ben Nevis - Saving Sri Lanka Strays
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